While the UK is basking in a heatwave, although it feels like we should all be on holiday, the day-to-day continues. I ventured to a North London gym to interview Frank Buglioni ahead of his fight on July 1st with Ricky Summers. He will be defending his British light-heavyweight title at the O2 in London. 

With a lively undercard on show featuring Joshua Buatsi making his pro debut, Conor Benn making his return to the ring, alongside Ted Cheeseman, Jake Ball, Lawrence Okolie, Isaac Chamberlain, Craig Richards and Danny Dignum. 

A gruelling training session in this heat? I was exhausted just watching him do his sparring! Under the watchful eye of Don Charles, his trainer, he was put through his paces in the ring and demolished the speed bag. 

It was pleasure interviewing Frank a gentleman with impressive work ethic. With his emotional intelligence intact , in the way he aspires conducts himself away from the ring is commendable. In an industry which tempers can flare and ego crash with the amount of testosterone going in one given space.  

    When designing a new website very easy to have a  colour that you "think" you're attracting people to the site. Colour of a site is very important. Design actually is very much like your shop window, so thought and strategy need to put into as well as the user journey. If something can't navigate around your site well the drop off will be high and might not why the sales you want.

    Fundamental thing  is that is necessary you are catering for because what you think might look good might it be exactly what the people who will becoming to your website.

    Many brand develop brand guideline which corresponds with 360 of the overall brand strategy of the product or the business if you're a startup need bare in mind although you might not have the cash at that period of time. How you start you Brand Identity whether be your logo specific colour or a strap line.

    Depending on your product are going Develop a bespoke website which will be designed and cost more or it might be that use off the shelf to minimise costs. Dependent on your audience you would design something that be relevant and what potential standard, when I say standard out not neon yellow. How have you create a brand identity to know that anyone can identify that you have created and that come from a specific brands. Example the tick logo for Nike  is an  iconic and associated can be identified in any language.If you decide to seek someone to design your site essentials you have those questions in forefront of your mind. If they not asking need to question. Anyone could design a website but about design a site that going serve purpose standard from the other and be able to identified as your own brand.

    Fun and Professional This clean, vibrant palette by Mark Dearman perfectly combines warm accent colors with a clean blue background to make for a crisp and professional, but very welcoming palette. 

    Muted Tones This striking website design by The Martin Agency uses muted gold and off-white tones contrasted against sharper blacks and whites to create a stunning contrast. Simple, minimal, and elegant palette.

    Modern and Clean This sharp and modern example by Benedict Leicht uses different tones of orange and blue to create a playful, energetic color palette. When using bright tones, try to balance them out with some more neutral whites or light greys.

    Warm and Bold mixing warm and cooler colors to create a unique vibe
    — pair vibrant reds and blues with darker indigos and purples for a dreamy, bold effect.

    Bold and Punchy consider looking into bright, punchy, vintage colors as this example by Magoz does. While this example uses a lot of colours all at once, it’s kept cohesive and logical with the warm consistency of the scheme.

    Colourful Without Clashing Sometimes using a lot of colours can make for a design that is overwhelming and that clashes. But, in the case of this site by Yoke, using a bright, full palette . By muting each colour slightly and including a lot of white space in the design.

      Below are the main principles that should be taken into consideration, it very easy to lose sight and get bogged down. I will go into detail how this will help this allows you look at the site at more strategic level that just sticking a site out. Ensuring the header and footer consistent, adding copywriter to the header.


      Dependent on your business for example eCommerce sites have to built in a specific way as they are fundamental areas that need to be built in, shopping cart and purchasing. Which are all important to insure that your site is functionally working. You can be limited to the design as the CMS will determine this.

      This is a lot information to take in Part 2 will breakdown purpose, communication, colours, images, navigation , F Pattern . load time and Mobile friendly.

Men and Women perception of porn strippers and sexting is very very different. To some women  it's unacceptable  to other women empowering and other women it's just sex/sexually explicit  Where men and women emotionally they can detach  to some men/women if something that it's normal think it norm knocking one out and send over to random because it not cheating no emotional attachment  or going to strip clubs it normal thing to do with lads. Men and Women have very different views and mindsets towards it. 

18yrs was first time I saw a stripper LIVE  a friend of mine cousin had a hen do . The guy came in all Richard Gear office gentleman took off his hat have long tight perm was most horrifying yuk he was  super pushy and aggressive wasn't fun wasn't cheeky that's reason didn't want want to order a butler in the buff for my 21st lol . As got older my perceptions changed went to see the Chip n Dales to me was just a bit of fun. They weren't waving their ding dongs in my face but there are many shows when this happens and Women go with wanting to get have sex with a stripper.

Many many women have never been to a strip club having worked with the Police earlier in my career it was norm thing the lads did .Naive as I was at the time one evening they invited me to Metropole in Shoreditch  was like ok little did I know it was strip club. Totally changed my perception of strippers empowering and way they basically  fleeced men.  The fact is most men came out there being more sexual frustrated before they went in there. Am not an advocate for strip clubs but at least I know what it like formed my own opinion because I seen what it's like with my own eyes . Majority of women don't hence their partners probably wouldn't tell them because would upset them or stop them for doing or just lie about it.  I can understand why they would feel that way why would want to know that person paying another women in dance in a sexual way when quite frankly they could do it for free. Maybe guys feel the same if their partners went to see the Dream Boys or male strip show but not sure they the feel the same way to how women do but maybe they do with the air of possessiveness. 

Am pretty opened minded and have many males friends and I know most of them watch/watched porn and if they haven't they are lying. Most of them are they open about to their partners some not many of them why because they know they wouldn't get why they do it.   But I have many girl friends who actually believe their partners or husbands never watched porn or even been to a strip club. Naive of just burying you head in the sand? Maybe actually have the knowledge allows you know what it all about ? I digress 

Porn industry is one  of the largest industry has thrived through the development of technology from when  start top shelf mags, sites people line steamy sexual content for money for sites that make millions out of industry could be perceived as seedy and unethical. Could be perceived  as selling your body prosecuting and pimping really no two ways about it you selling you body sexual service is escorting and prosecuting harsh but that is the reality. Sex trade is one biggest money making in the world along side drugs and these come hand in hand, but guess this for another piece it. It's a grey area which many choose to ignore it  karmically and ethically it's wrong some may say. 

Many people are forced or conned and many people in desperation get into the industry and become trapped money is good and the people they work pimps whatever you want to call them don't want to let them go the see them as their cash cows.

Most men are visual hence the porn mostly watched by men but not to say women don't watch it stats push towards men. But way it's tackled in dating/relationship is confrontation resulting in a fight rather than actually looking at the route why man or women feel the need to keep it a secret from their partner or why singletons use this rather wanting having a partner rather than being open about it.

Sexting has become a lazy man and Women way of getting their rocks off without actually investing into proper dating/relationship. Fun yes mmmmm probably .......healthy mmmmm the rise smartphone has allowed men and women to have access to a wider audience. Which has co inside the rise of divorce and infertility. Sexual explicit  texts/videos have become the norm to many in singletons or people in relationship is it healthy or is it just detaching from actual emotions because to the partaker there actually no emotion or feeling. Each to their own but when in relationship it's cheating isn't it? Today there a fine line what is acceptable in relationships or even when dating

There no right wrong way how you should view porn, strippers, texting or sexting these my observations you can be open minded really depends what floats your boat. There is underlying seedy aspect which borders on the ugly side with serious consequences nt a grey area but serious consequences. Having the awareness that it is happening and that easy and acceptable is start by both men and women to chat about to people their dating to their partners. Ignoring signs or not communicating about makes it worse it human nature. Better have the knowledge then ignoring what's in front of you eyes.
Emotional intelligence is a self awareness of people around you it a skills you develop you might not be aware of but something you may do automatically.  Very much like being charismatic.

"the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically."emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success"

To be emotional intelligence you need to be able know your own emotions triggers, how you read other people emotions. Being emotional intelligent is not a skill to dupe or try and over power someone.  Managing and balancing the energies that you both have. Your emotional intelligence will allow you to read a situation to be able to get the best out of a situation might not be what you what to but not having an ego is trait of people who are highly emotional intelligent. 

Ego clouds judgement of a person and can be perceived as an incredible selfish attribute. But with every attribute it all about balancing what you think that that moment in time is going help you. An aggressive, rude or abusive verbally of physically is the opposite to emotional intelligence your ego what going make you feel good at that split second but in the long run ruin friendships or business relationships. 

The last couple months after reading a book by Gill Hasson about emotional intelligence  it got me thinking how emotional intelligence plays key attribute to a boxer. They always say having a strong mind and be able to outwit your opponent with mind games. But not actually mind games it the sign of emotional intelligence.  

Boxing is a great example of how Emotional Intelligence play a key role  how fighters prepare for a fight.  From the announcement of the fight ,press conference social media , media work out all of these form part of the run up to the fight .

Muhammad Ali could be described to be highly emotionally intelligent man  to some he came across as arrogant and super egotist. This itself was a front he challenged his emotional intelligence through how he helped people thing media and his fighters didn't see. He knew how to read people at that period of time if he brought the kind caring Ali to the ring he would be defeated. 

Last month the media heavily focused if the fight with Haye and Bellew. Both fighters fiery characters to say the lease. Both worlds apart on back ground and upbringing with both fighters emotional intelligent in their own way. The way they came across to each other. Where as Haye decided to out rightly show aggression and malice towards Bellew. Bellew took another approach not a shrinking violet but didn't let his anger show to  the extent that Haye on the public or media. Now did this help in the long run maybe as went away won the fight. Now it can be argued Haye injury he only won because of it . When came done to it Bellew won and Haye lost regardless of the injury.

This weekend Gennady Golovkin Middle Weight champion is defending his title against Daniel Jacobs. Both experienced and world class fighters and their stats just show that. There is such a respect between both fighters and GGG who many people think he boring and clinical it works for him he see fighting as a job. Sponsorships and fame to him is it his job married and has two children. His emotional intelligence that he so focused on the job in hand women, fast cars etc maybe younger years that was what he aspired for. Daniel Jacobs they call him "Miracle Man " he has faced death through a cancer knowing the value of his life and awareness of the consequence that have happen to him in the pass. Gives him an onsite tapping into his emotional intelligence.

This my point of view no one has more or less emotional intelligence it's a subconscious awareness of their person you are the surrounding without being under the influence or drink drugs or other people power because you yourself your experience give you the insight of how you want people to perceive you . Remember no one is you that is your power !!

In today's day and age with technology and information to be accessible so quickly.  Its opens the door ways for people trying to take advantage other people words contents and business. 

Plagiarism "the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own."there were accusations of plagiarism" copying, infringement of copyright, piracy, theft, stealing, poaching, 

The term for this is plagiarism. With “blogging”  and “Content Creation “creating content can create an income. Be it be pictures, video content or a written piece.  Many people don’t realise what they might be doing and there are a lot people know exactly what they doing. 

Firstly its really unethical and karmically not very good. Because it is available and accessible it is perceived to be ok. 

Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else's written work and claiming it as your own. While the act can be illegal, as well as unethical, the term plagiarism is not used in law. Legally, it is one form of copyright infringement, so it enters into the arcane world of Intellectual Property law.

There are many ways that you can protect you brand and your content with use of trading marking copywriting and watermarking. 

One thing need be mindful and aware if you content , opinions and brand is good and other can see the potential you are a target.  Many many people I know have had to learn the hard way be it someone using their content, or trying to copy their business. It's not all doom and gloom because people have the idea are always trying to adapt and make their business viable whereas people who see as getting a leg up and taking away what rightfully theirs will carry o this easy money to dupe someone . Firstly karmic it's not good thing and secondly unethical starting off a business off the ring foot not good start. 

Like all journalist and people who report content you not always going create content but my showing the recognition of that person work is the way that it works. Be it be photograph, an opinion or video content it's unspoken way that professionals work.  This a way you have a good community who at any point someone is using your content would be first person to flag.

Always say this No one is You that is Your Power but the truth people can copy content when comes down being face to face they can't morph into you that makes you as business. The unique personal touch which if you don't get that am not sure type of work you should be in.

After months of jibes and social media slanging the day has arrived for David Haye and Tony Bellew fight. The WBC  Cruiserweight  Champion taking on this fight as a heavy weight. Does this fight live up to the hype will the public be left disappointed ?  If this fight doesn't need the expectation there is one hell of a build up happen before main event the undercards.  

North and South divide the champagne lifestyle but the northern straight talk. These two boxer are like chalk and cheese. They were never coming to see eye to inside boxing ring or outside of it. In this world there are two types of boxers these two characters highlight this way they shown through social media and how they have conducted themselves through press and media. Both using emotional intelligence to outwit their opponent. 

Bellew is the underdog of this fight and coming to Hayes manor more for for him no doubtable with be an army of scousers. He is a dangerous fighter he will push forward and take a punch you can only seen by the World title fight he was floored and came back to win and  Ilunga Makabu he was not an easy challenge. His left hooks left him floored. 

Haye signature punching power which in the past has seen him floor opponents. Although Haye not been tested technically previous fights not really shown what he is capable off. Vowing a 2.0 Haye is yet to be seen with taken a to Vegan diet  Haye made comparison  to a Lion on the David Walliams how if lion is hungry and horny it will perform and be at its best This could be the reason for his vegan  diet approach , It's yet to be seen if his method of training and diet regime is going to make a difference. 

Some say Haye has passed it and really hasn't been tested since he lost his heavyweight title. Bellew he proved to the World this many many critics that he could become World champion.
So what are the Stats Saying ?  

Bellew  34 yrs old 
Total professional fights - 31
Wins - 28 | Wins by knockout - 18
Losses - 2 

Haye 36 yrs old 
Total professional fights - 30 
Wins - 28 | Wins by knockout - 26
Losses - 2 

Both men have 28-2 records, both stand 6ft 3inches tall Haye having a four-inch reach advantage.  With both fighter orthodox being lager men there both will be using their power behind each punch. If we are looking at stats Haye comes out the winning fighter  Bellew with the average win rate (90%) and knockout rate (57%). to Haye 90% KO rate inside just 71 rounds. Haye weighed in at 16st 9oz whilst Bellew came in 15 st 3 lbs & oz almost a stone heavier than Haye.

"I've put on some good, healthy usable muscle. My diet is actually tighter now than it was at cruiserweight," said Haye.

"He's an amazing athlete, he's pleasing on the eye: I think I might fancy him! He'll give it the same showboating and then I'm going to hit him back and he won't be too happy about it. He'll miss and he'll get annoyed. Said Bellew

Bellew Prediction: "David Haye quits and he makes an absolute disgrace of himself."

Haye Prediction: "A spectacular, violent knockout. This guy will never fight again."

This has well and truly dragged out and hats of to the PR beings none boxing fan you probably know there is a big boxing matching going on well apart from if you Floyd Mayweather but lets face it he has bigger fish to fry in this world.

With the likes of Anthony Joshua's backing Bellew It's going to be a tough fight, especially for Bellew, the reason being he's had to move up a weight,' Joshua told Sky Sports

I for one looking forward to the evening the build to the main events usually are hyped but actually the undercard a make the event. The fighters that are making a name for themselves on a centre stage. More  to come on the undercards. 

Whoever your supporting tonight last thing anyone would want either fighter to be seriously hurt, although Haye has  made comments about this maybe wants to hospitalise Bellew . Both fighters  are fathers that kind of karma is not cool , with Bellews family going away until the fight is over he just protecting his family. Last year many fights have lost their lives and had serious brain conditions. So let's keep it clean and ensure that is fabulous fight good luck to both fighters may the best man win. 

With all the social content being created, the question that many people and companies ask them self   how are they able to make content interesting and appealing for people be engaged and return and grow a following.

There has been influx of agencies offering packages to create content. Dependent on your business they are able to look at a social strategy. 

Many brands have been extremely success purely on the the social content. Pretty Little Things Miss Guided  and ASOS are one to spring to mind there social content is the driving for for their business. Just not the conventional Social media with Bloggers and content they have created a brand that people are apart of and constantly going back to. 

One thing I saw the which was really clever my the owner of the brand Umar Kamani, using the notification function on Instagram. Simple but very effective. 

Started to have a look at a few agencies that offer this service at a reasonable price. 

 Born Social is one of them that I looked at. They provide three packaging dependent on your budget but like most social media agencies they look at 4 specific areas. 

  • Strategy 
  • Content Creation 
  • Advertising
  • Community Management 

In the process getting a quote and having a chat with them see what they can offer me which at the end of the day by doing your research you only going to get the option that is going to elevate your brand. 

Another agency I looked at was Strawberry Soup as well as doing 

  • Digital
  • Design
  • eCommerce 
  • Social Media 
  • Search 

Need to contact them for cost but they selling point is not being as expensive has large London agencies. Best way is touch base and have a chat about what you looking for. Shop around because end of the day you need to be confident what agency you are investing your money into.  

Storyfield  "Share your startup story on Storyfied and we’ll help you build your brand awareness by promoting your startup to our global" This is the selling point which I think is a great idea and from the small business that have used the service they have gone on to have successful businesses. 

They offer various packages  https://storyfied.com/your-story/view-packages/ dependent  on your budget. Its a little different that using a agency but I think unless you have money to spend then you able to afford it, this way is an affordable way that you can grow your business and brand. 

These are a few all different but check them out I'll let you know how I get on too. 

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